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Boxes are piled high in the rooms usually reserved for Victoria Heart Institute Foundation patients.

The local non-profit is conducting research studies on patients receiving heart treatment from the Royal Jubilee Hospital, located just across from the 1900 location on Richmond Ave. is located.

The employees knew that they would have to move at some point; The building they have lived in for over 25 years was bought by Milliken Developers and is set to become a private assisted living facility for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. But they didn’t know they would be moving anytime soon.

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“We knew our lease would end in April, but our understanding was that we could then pay month to month until we had finished negotiating with the place we wanted to move into,” said Celeste Hilton, Business Manager at VHIF.

“I contacted the builder to ask about the parking lot here and thought we’d be here for a few more months just because we still had to fix the other place and his answer was’ Well, I don’t know ‘why you ask for parking spaces because we expect vacancies at the end of April. “

This gave the VHIF three weeks to tidy up the office, find a new room and negotiate a new lease. While difficult to do in the best of times, the VHIF needs to be close to the Royal Jubilee to accommodate nurses, doctors, and patients traveling between the two locations.

The room Hilton had looked at was nearby, but negotiations were taking too long and the office eventually settled on a new location that was another 10 minutes’ walk from the current location, a total of 15-20 minutes from the Hospital away. While typically 10 extra minutes isn’t much, for medical staff it can make all the difference.

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Sheryll Sorensen is a clinical research nurse at VHIF. She helps carry out research studies and commutes an average of two to three times a day between hospital and practice.

“That will certainly make it a little more difficult for us,” said Sorensen. “When we have a longer commute to the hospital, we’re less likely to go back and forth between patients … it’s a huge waste of time that we’re being paid to go back and forth.”

Depending on the day, Sorensen can expect to use an extra hour of her time to go back and forth between appointments. You, five other nurses and three community cardiologists would have to do the same, as would patients with heart problems.

Driving is usually not an option for hospital staff because hospital parking is so limited.

Regardless of the difficulty, however, Hilton is glad they were able to find a temporary location. The VHIF has an office on Oak Bay Ave. 300-1640 sublet for 27 months and will move in at the beginning of May.

You’ll wait and see how the room works and keep an eye on it in the meantime.

“We’re a very resourceful group, you have to be in research,” said Hilton. “Research is always changing, so you have to be able to adapt.”

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