Victoria Locations freeze registration and penalize value will increase

TVictorian Treasurer Tim Pallas has announced that Victorian motorists will not face increased registration, traffic fines and license renewal fees as part of a $ 491 million financial aid package.

The package announced today focuses primarily on providing wage tax breaks for those companies that have taken advantage of the JobKeeper payment, but the additional car-related concessions will be welcome news for Victorian motorists.

VicRoads’ fees generally increase year on year, with the 2017 registration renewal fee exceeding the $ 800 mark.

“The last thing Victorian businesses and families need right now is higher fees and fines. These changes will ensure that we are helping Victorians overcome the other side of this crisis, ”said Tim Pallas.

Fees should be increased in July, but with registration renewal fees already at $ 834.80 for metropolitan Melbourne and $ 716 for rural Victorians, the decision to stop the price increases will ensure Victorian motorists don’t get any The moment must worry about rising vehicle costs.

Since gasoline prices have also been low for two decades and social isolation means less need for mobility, vehicle operating costs are one of the few things that have actually improved due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The option of paying the registration in installments remains and can alleviate the blow, while short-term registration periods are also offered for authorized drivers.

The state has not yet announced plans to ease coronavirus travel restrictions, but after Jan.

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