Victoria Monét’s chimpanzee good friend has Twitter bananas

– Victoria Monét (@VictoriaMonet) December 2, 2020

Hello Elite Model Management? IMG? Wilhelmina? I have a rising star on your radar: someone who can trump the best of the best, someone who can operate the face with their eyes closed, and someone who really knows how to hit the limelight. He also has good connections with well-known music stars in his troupe. His name is Limbani and he lives with the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami. Oh yeah, and did I mention it? He’s a chimpanzee.

Like in old times ANTME Judge André Leon Talley would say no gram of “drunkenness” has been found.

I and much of the internet first became aware of Limbani’s existence on Wednesday when Victoria Monét shared a throwback picture with the chimpanzee on Twitter. It’s not just any picture, however – it’s the guy Tyra Banks sees during one. would choose as the best photo America’s next top model Panel, all thanks to Limbani. On Victoria’s lap, the well-groomed primate sits delicately with one hand on the singer’s head, while the other is bent and draped by his side. I mean the elegance! The attitude! The angelic facial expression! How he catches this light! Like in old times ANTME Judge André Leon Talley would say no gram of “drunkenness” has been found.

Plus, Limbani looks perfectly groomed, as if he knew that Victoria’s visit would turn into a full-fledged photo shoot. Seriously, who is their hairstylist and what products do they use to achieve that effortless shine? Does he prefer a fine-toothed comb or a normal hairbrush to detangle? And these nails? Yeah, they’re cut pretty neatly than mine ever is. I need a full beauty routine video ASAP.

Shortly after Victoria shared her chimpanzee BFF’s campaign-worthy photo, her Twitter followers went crazy and responded with some pretty hilarious reactions. “Why does the monkey wither on us so ?!” one person wrote while another interfered, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but that furry baby ate you up!” I’m sorry too Victoria, but Limbani actually ate you up and left absolutely no crumbs. The 2020 surcharge has been delivered.

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