Victoria named Brunch Capital of Canada by the Meals Community

Victoria’s brunch spots have been bringing the bacon (and eggs) home on a massive scale for a while now, and the Food Network has noticed and declared Victoria the brunch capital of Canada.

You must eat here! Host John Catucci says the main reason Victoria won the title is because there are so many places to choose from.

“I think every other restaurant in Victoria is brunch,” he told All Points West host Robyn Burns.

“It’s not just weekends in Victoria… you can have brunch every day of the week. This is fantastic.”

But is brunch really everything your heart desires in the capital?

Many of the top spots in town have notoriously long line ups.

You must eat here! Host John Catucci says if you are a brunch hater, “just shut up.” (@ johncatucci / Twitter)“I know the queues are ridiculous on weekends … but there are so many restaurants,” said Catucci. “If you go to a place that makes its own bacon in-house, wait in line. You know?”

And yes, the food tastes good, but can’t you do all of this at home?

“It’s not just the recipe. You could have the recipe at home and do it, but it’s just not the same,” he said.

“As with John’s Place, when you walk into John’s Place you see all these pictures and posters of all the people and all the places he’s been and the waitresses and waitresses who have been there for 20 years, it just feels great. “

And what about brunch haters at home and abroad who say brunch is an overrated trend? A pleasure for the urban middle class?

“Just be quiet,” is his answer. “Take an Egg Benny and just relax.”

This story originally appeared on CBC Radio Ones All Points West

To hear the full story, click on the audio labeled: Rise and shine! Victoria has been declared the brunch capital of Canada

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