Victoria Police arrest a person with a knife who has “aggressively” adopted a girl

Victoria police arrested a man with a knife on Wednesday evening after “aggressively” following a woman.

Police were called to the Cook Street and Rockland Avenue area just before 9 p.m. to report that a man followed a woman while she was yelling and hitting trash cans.

The woman called 911 and ran, then found someone nearby who took her to safety.

The officers arrived and found a suspect. The knife was found during the search.

The suspect is not allowed to have guns as he is from a 2020 attack case in which he accidentally hit a man with a wooden stick.

He was taken to the hospital because of a medical problem and then detained under the Mental Health Act.

The police recommend a parole violation charge.

Such cases are given top priority, the police said, advising people who feel unsafe to call 911 and go to a public place if possible.

In one case in Vancouver last month, a woman reported that she was followed by a man for 40 minutes in the late afternoon as she walked downtown.

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