Victoria Police officer filmed in buying trolley pleasure journey

A Victoria Police officer has been filmed in her uniform being pushed around a roundabout in a shopping trolley.

The officer is understood to have been enjoying the silly season on Phillip Island and has now gone viral on a number of social media platforms.

Other uniformed officers can be seen filming the shenanigans in the footage.

“Nothing to see here, just some donut loving coppers,” the post’s caption read.

Views on the officer’s conduct were mixed, with some saying she was merely enjoying his New Year. However, Victoria Police has been forced to make a statement.

“The fun police are going to shut this down,” one comment read.

Another said: “This is how policing should be.”

Victoria Police said it was “aware” of the video circulating online and had “identified” the officers.

“Police have identified the officers involved and the matter is being addressed,” a police statement said.

“Victoria Police are supportive of members positively engaging with the community but not at the risk of their own safety or other road users.”

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