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A resident of Victoria created a website listing and mapping more than 100 local happy hours to help people find the best deals in town.

Jordan Caron’s idea for Ultimate Happy Hour took shape in 2014 when new rules were introduced in the province that allow licensed bars and restaurants to change their prices during the day. Caron bought the domain name but wasn’t sure what to do with it until he took a trip to the United States. Then he and a friend started thinking about what the site would actually look like.

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“I’m in web marketing, doing search engine marketing for clients, social media stuff. And I’m always looking for side projects, ”says Caron, who spends between 10 and 20 hours a month updating the site. “It’s so cheap and easy to set up a website so I just throw things on the wall and see if something sticks.”

The page grew to list the happy hours of other cities including Austin, Nanaimo, and Edmonton, to name a few. And although Caron has not yet made any money with the website, he has hopes for the future.

He remembers a scene from the film The Social Network that touched him.

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“Shawn Fanning and Mark Zuckerberg talk about the guy who sold Victoria’s Secret for a million dollars and three years later when it was for [far more money] he committed suicide, ”says Caron. “He basically told Zuckerberg not to monetize this thing because it’s a billion dollar idea, not a million dollar idea.”

The website allows visitors to view a map of all the happy hours in the Greater Victoria area, as well as a list of daily food and drink and late night happy hours.

Everyone loves a good happy hour, ”he says, adding that his favorite at Cafe Mexico is. “Bars usually fill up, there’s good energy, there’s a good vibe, and obviously saving money on drinks and food is a bonus right now as many restaurants have raised their prices a little to make up for lost revenue. ” he says.

For a list of Happy Hours in Victoria, visit

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