Victoria sees 11 new COVID-19 instances as Bacchus Marsh Faculty exhibits constructive trainer exams

Three more cases of COVID-19 were identified in Victoria tonight.

Important points:

  • Bacchus Marsh Grammar has been closed after a teacher tested positive for COVID-19
  • Thousands of students from the school were sent home
  • The MCG was listed as an exposure site after an infected person attended the Carlton Geelong game on July 10

One of the new cases is a teacher at Bacchus Marsh Grammar School west of Melbourne.

The other two cases are family members of the teacher.

That brings the total number of cases reported in Victoria today to 11. The school teacher and his family have been added to the seven cases reported during the day and one additional case reported earlier that morning.

The school was closed for thorough cleaning and thousands of students were sent home.

The school says the teacher attended a staff development day on the Maddingley campus in Bacchus Marsh on Monday, but was out of school on Tuesday or today when students returned to class.

Most of the new cases have been linked to the moving companies who, it has now been confirmed, violated freight terms by not wearing masks when visiting the Ariele apartment complex in Maribyrnong on July 8th.

More than 130 people living in the Ariele complex have been told that their 14-day quarantine period, which it began yesterday, has been extended due to the new cases.

Cases associated with this transmission chain are:

  • A man in his 60s who lives in the Ariele apartment complex
  • The man’s 89 and 90 year old parents who live in Craigieburn
  • Three members of the same household living in the Ariele apartment complex

The AFL game between Carlton and Geelong at the MCG on July 10 was listed as an exposure site.

A Bacchus Marsh secondary school will be closed for at least the rest of the week after a teacher tests positive for Covid-19 (



Senior Victorian ministers and public health officials are currently holding meetings to discuss the emerging outbreak and what restrictions may need to be reintroduced.

No announcements are expected tonight and officials are helped by the fact that they have been able to identify the source of all new cases.

Victoria’s COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar said the man in his 60s from the Ariele apartments was sitting on Level 2 of the MCC reserve and 2,000 people were contacted and asked to isolate and get tested.

“This is clearly a very fast moving situation and we are very keen to make sure we get this under control as soon as possible,” he said.

The man also visited Highpoint shopping mall on July 9, and the mall was listed as a COVID-19 exposure site.

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The second chain of transmission is related to a Craigieburn family who recently returned from a red zone in New South Wales.

The seventh new case is a man in his thirties who was contacted after visiting a Coles supermarket in the Craigieburn Central mall and checking in using the QR code system.

The supermarket was identified as an exposure site after a visit by a member of the Craigieburn family.

A kindergarten in Maribyrnong was confirmed as an exposure site, but not yet publicly listed at the time.

The eight new cases will be added to a new, locally acquired fourth member of the Craigieburn family, registered yesterday and announced in today’s numbers.

33,037 test results were received yesterday and 14,989 doses of vaccine were administered at state sites.

An infection was found in the hotel quarantine.

“Extremely frustrated” with information from moving companies

On Tuesday night, a gas station and a fast food shop were added to the list of exposure sites in Kalkallo on the Hume Highway, north of Melbourne.

See the full list of Victorian exposure sites

Health workers conduct tests for COVID-19 in a drive-through test center

A gas station and Hungry Jack’s Outlet in Kalkallo on the Hume Highway were added to the list of exposure locations. Here is the full list.

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The movers, who tested positive in New South Wales after returning from Victoria last week, stopped at the Caltex gas station in Kalkallo and bought groceries at the Hungry Jack’s outlet at the venue on July 8th.

Mr Weimar said it has now been confirmed that the removal workers had traveled to Victoria in two vehicles and that the men had not provided any information about their movements.

“Books are thrown when the time is right, when it is appropriate to throw them,” he said.

“I am extremely frustrated with the pace and transparency of the information that comes out of the moving company exposures. This is a real problem.”

All four positive cases discovered this morning live on the third floor of the building where the movers worked.

The outside of a five story apartment building in Maribyrnong.  The residents of the Ariele apartment building in Maribyrnong were banned because it was a level 1 exposure point after moving workers infected with COVID-19 worked in the building on July 8, 2021.

ABC News: Rudy De Santis


On Tuesday morning, residents of Maribyrnong awoke to the news that given their exposure, they would be strictly locked for two weeks.

But due to the additional cases that have occurred at the Ariele Apartments, health officials have told residents that their quarantine period has been reset, so the 14-day period starts again from today.

Geelong sewage records are a cause for concern

The detection of virus fragments in sewage in two separate parts of Geelong has led health officials to urge everyone in the area to make sure they get tested if symptoms occur.

COVID-19 fragments were discovered between July 4th and July 7th in a catchment area in the Geelong suburbs of Belmont, Highton and Wandana Heights.

Between July 8 and July 12, it was also discovered in a drainage basin that includes the suburbs of Breakwater, Clifton Springs, Curlewis, Leopold, Drysdale, East Geelong, Moolap, Newcomb, South Geelong, Thomson and Whittington.

Authorities said the findings could have come from an undiagnosed case or from someone who had COVID-19 and was no longer infectious but continued to “spill” the virus.

People “somehow” do the right thing, not well enough

Mr Weimar said he understood that the movers did not wear masks while working at the Ariele apartment complex, which was against the terms by which they were supposed to abide.

A member of the Craigieburn family of four entering Victoria with a red zone permit had gone to the supermarket.

With a permit for the red zone, people must be quarantined for 14 days.

He said all Victorians need to be careful and make sure they follow the rules, especially given the quarantine at home thousands of people entering the state from red zones.

“This virus is jumping at a very fast rate and these leaks can be very damaging,” he said.

“We all collectively have a lot of cleanup to do around these two chains of transmission, both of which would have been created by people who thought they were doing the right thing, but not really.”

Changes to restrictions in South Australia with Victoria

As of midnight on Wednesday, the South Australian authorities are demanding level 1 tests from anyone entering from Victoria. This means that you have to take a test within 24 hours of arriving in South Australia and you are not going to a high risk location such as a high-risk location. B. an elderly care facility, are allowed to leave until you get a negative result.

South Australia also requires all carriers arriving in South Australia to provide evidence of a negative COVID test taken within the last 48 hours of arriving in the state. If you don’t get a negative result, you must have a test within 24 hours of your arrival in South Australia.

The South Australian Police also took the opportunity to encourage anyone with the AFL at the MCG to isolate themselves and take a test and contact SA Health for further instructions. If you have been to Victoria last weekend, be sure to keep up to date with Victoria exposure locations and follow the health warnings if you have been to any of these locations.

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