Victoria ‘The Bachelor’ 2021 Spoiler, Job, Instagram: Matt Season

There are bachelor thugs and then there is Victoria. The Bachelor 2021 spoilers on Victoria Larson reveal that we haven’t seen the worst of Matt James’ most hated contestants this season.

Victoria is one of 32 candidates Matt, a 29-year-old real estate agent from Raleigh, North Carolina, met on Monday, January 4th, the premiere of The Bachelor’s 25th season. Matt, the best friend and roommate of Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron, was announced as a Season 25 Bachelor in June 2020. Unlike previous bachelors, Matt is the first bachelor since Brad Womack in 2011 who is not a past bachelorette candidate. (Despite being cast for Clare Crawley’s 2020 season of The Bachelorette, he never made it onto the show as he was voted a Bachelor shortly afterwards.)

Matt is also the first Black Bachelor in the franchise’s 15+ year history. Overall, he is the third black lead actor after Season 13 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Season 16 Bachelorette Tayshia Adams. “It’s an honor,” said Matt Good Morning America in June 2020 after his cast. “I’ll just lean into myself and how my mom raised me and hopefully when people invite me over to their home on Monday night, they’ll see that I’m not much different from them and they’ll see these diverse love stories beautiful.”

What do we know about Matt? But what about Victoria? Read on for The Bachelor 2021 Spoilers We Know About Victoria Larson, aka the Most Hated Bachelor Villain in Years.

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Who is Victoria?

Victoria is a 27 year old from Los Angeles, California. As the audience saw, Victoria describes herself as “Queen Victoria”. According to her bachelor’s biography on ABC, Victoria has withdrawn her “jet setter lifestyle” and is ready to find love. According to her Instagram, she also goes from Vikki.

“Victoria, or Queen Victoria, as she likes to call herself, has outgrown her“ once ”jet-setter lifestyle, but not her sense of size,” says her biography. “Victoria has shifted its focus to entrepreneurship and has started several health and beauty companies. Victoria knows that she has a great personality and that she needs a strong man who can keep up, but in no way controls shape or form. “

Her biography continues: “The most important things Victoria needs in a relationship are loyalty, honesty and independence. Meditation and spirituality play a huge part in Victoria’s life and finding someone who is would be a huge plus for her. Victoria loves romance, and since her love language is physical touch, she hopes to find someone who will appreciate that side of her. Victoria really doesn’t have a filter that she loves on herself and plans to go very forward in her pursuit of Matt. This girl knows what she wants and good luck to anyone who tries to stop her! “

For her fun facts, Victoria lists the following:

– Victoria lives for the perfect Aperol Spritz.

– The light of her life is Coco, her Goldendoodle.

– Victoria’s biggest distraction is a man who can’t keep his room clean.

What is Victoria’s job?

Victoria refers to herself as “Queen Victoria” in The Bachelor (it is even listed as her job on her title card), but what is her real job? According to her bachelor’s biography, Victoria has started “several health and beauty companies”. According to her beauty website, Victoria offers coaching sessions and sells self-care and beauty products that “enhance beauty for the mind, body and soul”. These products include self-tanners, bath salts, candles, and dry brushes.

Prior to her current career, Victoria worked as a flight attendant in private aircraft from 2018 to 2019. She’s also a Los Angeles real estate agent, according to her LinkedIn. According to her website, Victoria graduated from Florida State University and graduated from New York University’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Why her real job isn’t listed, a producer told Entertainment Weekly in 2019 that the bachelor’s degree often chooses a trait that most defines a candidate rather than listing their occupation.

“[In some cases] who they are is less defined by [how] They live and more on another dominant trait, ”said the producer. “It’s rare for a participant to complain as we try to work with them to find out in advance, but it does. It is more common for men who may wonder why we don’t just give the OK to everyone who wants to be called an “entrepreneur”. This job seems to be the catchphrase for ‘I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but that definitely sounds cool.’ “

In January 2021, a mug shot of Victoria from July 2012 was leaked when she was arrested in Tallahassee, Florida for stealing $ 250 worth of goods from a Publix grocery store. According to the arrest report, she put several items in her shopping cart, which she took to the store’s checkout. However, instead of paying for the items, she put the products, including groceries and cosmetics, in a reusable shopping bag. She responded to the reappearance of her mug shot in an Instagram post in January 2021 with the headline: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. & John 8: 7. “

Will Victoria win the bachelor’s degree?

The question everyone wants to know: will Victoria win her bachelor’s degree? You can breathe a sigh of relief because Victoria is nowhere near getting Matt’s last rose. According to Reality Steve, Victoria isn’t even in Matt’s last four to get hometown data. In a January 2021 post, Reality Steve reported that Matt’s last four are Serena P., Bri and Michelle and Rachael. His last four are eliminated in that order, meaning Rachael is Matt’s winner. It’s unclear if they’re engaged, but one of Matt’s trailers shows him proposing to someone, so it’s likely that he has a ring attached to it. Reality Steve reported in January 2021 that Victoria would be eliminated after the fourth or fifth rose ceremony in a row. For more detailed spoilers on Matt’s winners, click here.

The Bachelor will be broadcast on Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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