Victoria Wooden: A BAFTA Tribute: The Unhappy Story Behind Victoria Wooden’s Loss of life

February 20, 2021 – 7:40 PM GMT

Francesca Shillcock

When the subject of British comedy comes to mind, it’s hard not to think about it Victoria Wood. From her writing and acting talents in shows that found gold with viewers such as dinner ladies, to her warm and funny sketches Victoria Wood seen on TV – the comedy star was not just a household name, but a national treasure for decades.

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But unfortunately, her unexpected death rocked the TV and comedy world, leaving a huge void in her absence. To celebrate their genius and their work BBC broadcast a tribute program Victoria Wood: A BAFTA Tribute. Working with BAFT, the BBC celebrates Victoria’s life as she speaks to a wide variety of celebrities and looks back on her amazing career.


Victoria Wood sadly passed away in 2016

How did Victoria Wood die?

When the news of Victoria Wood’s death broke out in April 2016, many fans and fellow actors were shocked. The actress, who was 62 years old and was the mother of two children, Henry and Grace In late 2015 she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but she had chosen to keep her disease out of the public eyewhich makes the astonishment at her death even more widespread.

Her publicist and family said in a statement that the 62-year-old had died “Peacefully at her home in North London with her family.”


Victoria on her sketch show As Seen On TV

Her older brother Chris said in a statement at the time: “I have a feeling that Victoria’s death has robbed us of one of the brightest talents of our generation. Not only was Victoria very talented in so many different fields, she was also outstanding in her tremendous, single-minded drive and determination to pursue her chosen career. “

He further added: “I am very proud of what my sister has made so successful in various areas of entertainment. It was a privilege to have her as a sister and, above all, to see firsthand how she developed her career from the earliest days. “

Victoria Woods: Tributes and Legacies

Shortly after the news broke, close friend and comedy partner Dame Julie Walters stated that she had “too much heartache” to comment. “The loss of her is unpredictable” She said. Many other actors and television stars responded to the sad news of their deaths, hailing them all as great talent and loss to the world of British comedy. Michael Ball said at the time: “She inspired other women because she didn’t have to be sexy and rude, even though she was all of those things. She was just brilliant.”


Victoria and Julie Walters were both steadfast friends and comedy partners

He added, “She made it appear to other women that you can do that. You just have to look at the various social media feeds to see the people she’s influenced. ”Sarah Millican wrote on Twitter: “It’s so incredibly sad to hear that Victoria Wood has died. A true comedy icon.” While John Cleese tweeted, “Shocked by the news from Victoria Wood. I worked with her last year and was reminded of what a superlative she was. Only 62!”


Victoria Wood in her sitcom Dinner Ladies

Victoria Wood’s career

Victoria began her career on television after adapting her comedy piece Talent for the big screenwho received high praise and then created Wood and Walters with Julie Walters who became her comedy partner-in-crime.

Victoria then received huge acclaim for As Seen On TV, An Audience With Victoria Wood (for which she received a BAFTA), and dinner ladies with Victoria, Julie, Maxine Peake, and Celia Imrie.

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