Victoria Wooden continued working from most cancers within the final hours earlier than dying when family members spoke up | Celeb Information | Showbiz & TV

Comedy icon Victoria Wood sadly died in 2016 only 62 years old after a four year battle with cancer, something she kept hidden from her friends and family for a long time. But after receiving the final diagnosis, she refused to go quietly and tried what she did best – comedy.

A new biography, Let’s Do It, written by Jasper Rees, was recently released, revealing that their hidden battle began in 2012.

Using archival material from her family, the biographer was able to retell Victoria’s life, including the last few days before her death, when she was told by her sister Rosalind, their children Grace and Henry and Henry her producer friend Piers Wengerthat kept them all happy.

Piers had moved in for two weeks to help out his buddy and remembered spending a week together watching MasterChef.

He said, “She said to me days before she died, ‘I may not get rid of it. But if I just get on my feet and go back to work … “

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She replied to the suggestion, “I have something … but it’s not a man.”

As a joker, the actress described her cancer treatment as “effing boring”.

Victoria’s 28-year-old son Henry also recalls the conversation he had with his mother about her illness in the bio and stated that it “didn’t feel ominous”.

In an excerpt published in the Daily Mirror, he said, “It didn’t feel that threatening. It was like, ‘Oh-oh, it’s cancer’.

“‘It looks like it’ll be fine, but we just have to get through it.'”

Despite her attempts to reassure her children about her diagnosis, her daughter Grace believed the news was difficult for Victoria.

The 32-year-old said: “She shared what she had to do, but given the choice, she would not have shared any of it.”

Victoria also made the decision to attend hospital appointments alone.

At the time, she told TV writer Peter Bowker: “I can’t bother to make a good face and be happy.”

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