Who’s Misha Collins spouse Victoria Vantoch? That is how the intercourse historian Charlie Sheen’s consideration caught

Supernatural star Misha Collins has become a hot topic of discussion on social media after his article re-surfaced in defense of Monica Lewinsky over her infamous affair with Bill Clinton. Inadvertently, the actor has received a lot of attention this time around and social media users want to know everything about him as some have learned that he was once interned for the former President of the United States.

Since Collins has always kept a lot of privacy in his personal life, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that many of his fans were heartbroken when they discovered he was happily married. Did you know that Collins and his wife Victoria Vantoch love children?

Who is Victoria Vantoch?

Victoria may not come from the entertainment industry, but she has had an interesting career for herself. She is an author and sex historian. She is the author of two books entitled “The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Three,” which were published in 2007, and she wrote “The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the Making of an American Icon” in 2013. Victoria is also a published poet.

She was born in Illinois and graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts. She completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Chicago in anthropology. She received her PhD in history from the University of Southern California.

Victoria has authored several books with her husband, the profits of which go to nonprofits specializing in food nutrition. She also taught history at various colleges and lectured at the National Air and Space Museum, American Historians, and the Library of Congress.

One of her books once caught the attention of Charlie Sheen when a social media user asked for an updated version of The Threesome Handbook to be written. In response to the request, the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star tweeted: “Done! I wrote it in my sleep! RT @amanduhmarshall @Charliesheen wrote the update! #Tigerblood not in the index!” Collins endorsed his wife and tweeted Sheen again.

RT “@charliesheen: I wrote it in my sleep! #Tigerblood not in the index! Http://yfrog.com/h317196599j” No, you didn’t, douche bag, my wife.

– Misha Collins (@mishacollins) March 8, 2011

How Misha Collins and Victoria Vantoch met

Mischa and Victoria were still at school when they first met. According to Naibuzz, Misha was the only guy in literature class when he got involved in Victoria’s life. After years of dating, the duo tied the knot in 2001. The wedding took place in Maine at a Coinstar supermarket. They have two children together, a son named West Anaximander Collins and a daughter named Maison Marie Collins.

What did Misha Collins say about Monica Lewinsky?

Regarding the scandal surrounding the infamous affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, Collins, whose real name was Dmitri Krushnic, wrote in Baltimore Sun’s 1998 article: The media reported that sources said Ms. Lewinsky was ‘in love’ with the president, To describe ‘star-beaten’ and even ‘a stalker’.

Mischa Collins (Getty Images)

“Evelyn Lieberman, former Deputy Chief of Staff of the White House, and other staff say that they remember Ms. Lewinsky, who was suspiciously excited about hanging out with Mr. Clinton and that she ‘hung out’ a little too much in the West Wing” he continued.

Collins continued to defend Lewinsky, adding, “If Monica Lewinsky hadn’t appeared like a starry, infatuated stalker who hung around the West Wing at every opportunity, then it would be fair to say that her behavior in the White House was suspect.”

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