Who’s Teddy Rodd? Meet Victoria’s alleged boyfriend Paul

Victoria Paul and James Bonsall were on top of each other in the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, but Contestant Tammy claimed that Victoria was dating someone outside of the show.

Soon Toddy Rodd became a hot topic of discussion among viewers as reports suggest that he and Victoria had a thing at home.

How true are these rumors? Did Victoria really have a boyfriend?

Episode 2 of Bachelor in Paradise looked like a lot of drama. While many were busy discussing Brendan’s alleged relationship with Piper, Tammy shared on camera that she had heard about Victoria’s boyfriend from her close friends.

What we know about Teddy Rodd

Tammy was careful enough not to reveal names while making claims, but a report from The Dipp suggests that Victoria was apparently dating Teddy Rodd.

Teddy is a musician from Nashville. He signed with Monument Records in 2018. His debut single Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You has sold over 50 million copies worldwide, and the singer has also appeared on NBC’s TODAY show to national audiences.

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On his official website, he is described as follows: “Teddy was born in Akron, Ohio and grew up with a love for the outdoors. He fished, hiked and played soccer while in college in Ohio, but his passion turned to music when he heard George Strait’s ‘Troubadour’. “

Researching dating rumors

Tammy told James that Victoria was at home with a singer.

When James confronted Victoria, she said she had a date with someone for a few months, but that was before she got on the show.

However, a screenshot shared on Instagram by Bachelor Tea Spill claimed that Victoria went to Bachelor in Paradise despite a friend.

Although neither Victoria nor Teddy commented on the speculation, the report claims the duo apparently adopted a dog together based on their Instagram posts. Although they spelled the pet pooch’s name differently in their respective posts, it appears to be the same dog.

The reality star also revealed during a Q&A on May 24 that she was going through a breakup. She posted a question on her Instagram story that is no longer available. She wrote, “Going through a breakup with my boyfriend – any advice?”

A look at Victoria’s life outside of Bachelor in Paradise

Victoria became known for starring in Pete’s season of The Bachelor. She entered the show after winning Miss Louisiana in 2019.

She works as a nurse and part-time dermatologist. Meanwhile, on Instagram she describes herself as a “mistake maker” and a “happy dancer”.

During her one-on-one date with Peter, Victoria spoke about her childhood struggles and shared that her mother struggled with addiction. She also lost her father at a young age.

Despite having a few memorable dates with Pete, she decided to voluntarily quit the show, fearing a possible future together.

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