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Football season is about the game, friends, family, food, and most certainly, tailgating. The American culture has plenty of drinking, eating, and good times that remain etched in our memories forever. Some people prefer tailgating because they are not the biggest football fans. However, we know that Badgers football tailgating makes up a considerable part of the actual game, we want to help you throw an unforgettable event for your upcoming gaming party.

Reasons to make us your go-to tailgate company


A tailgate should never be an expensive event. The moderately sized Wisconsin tailgate does not need your entire month’s pay to ensure a good time. Tailgate parties are typically affordable with our services and depend on many different factors such as the size of the gathering, amount of food, and canopies. It is easier to use an organizer because it does not make the best financial sense to buy the equipment; you may only need one.


It is necessary to have canopies for a practical tailgate experience. At some point, your guests will need cover for weather changes and enjoying a meal or drink in between the games. Do not worry because some of the most memorable tailgates include light showers. It is best to prepare for heavy downpours because things could get messy and tedious fast when everyone deserts the event to go home or to their car. Exclusive Event Experiences has enough numbers of canopies so that you can host a vast number of guests despite the weather.

Power connections

A power supply is essential for any tailgate event. It would help if you had a power supply for screens, shifting ceiling fans, the crock-pot, and stand-up fans. Tailgates at night have a higher need for power to light up all areas in the scene and add proper decorative lighting. You can never go wrong with our Wisconsin Badgers tailgating events because we have enough power cords for just about any setup. The electrical system has protectors and extensions to reach all around the vicinity, so everyone feels included.

Experience in football tailgating in Madison

Tailgates are only as good as their organization. Usually, self-organized tailgating will require that both the men and women of the hosting group take part in the organization. Things get tricky when there are miscommunications and other complications in the process. It is best to use a tailgate organizer that has experience with all details of the event.

Our Badgers tailgating company puts up every detail of the scene, such as canopies, poles, screens, and tents, organizing the food station, and ensure we leave the space as clean as we found it. Then, please leave it to us to choose the suitable tables and chairs for the weather, so you have an enjoyable day or night.

Exclusive Event Experiences keep the mess to a minimum with a practical and convenient organization. Get everything you need from us by calling 1-855-938-3687 to speak with a representative and get answers to all of your questions on custom tailgating in Wisconsin.



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