Younger & Stressed: Ashland Turns Menacing After Displaying Up at Victoria’s Home

Victoria arrives at home and locks the door behind her. She’s startled when there’s a knock, but relieved when Billy calls out. She lets him in and he explains he has to go out of town for work and needs her to pick up the kids from camp. She shrugs it off and he asks if she’s okay — she seems a little tense. Victoria has a lot on her mind. Billy heard Ashland is back in town and wonders why he’s hanging around. Victoria imagines it’s because of his son and shares that he violated the restraining order, was arrested and made bail. Hopefully, he’ll now leave. Just then, the storm outside bangs the shutter and Victoria jumps. Billy watches her knowingly.

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Chloe meets Sally at Society and asks, “Is this about the job offer?” Sally relays she’s been given the go-ahead to bring her on as COO. The redhead warns she’s been kept on a trial basis, so Chloe would be hired under the same terms. Chloe wonders if she’d rather bring on a heavy hitter, but Sally knows they work well together — if she still wants the job it’s hers. Chloe accepts the challenge. Sally welcomes her aboard. Chloe will work her tail off to get this right. That’s why Sally hired her. Chloe brings up Adam, who just happens to walk in at that very moment.
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Sally watches as Adam gets takeout and goes after him. “Talk to me, please! Did you get my voicemail?” Adam doesn’t want to keep being cruel to her. Breaking up with her had nothing to do with her career. Sally refuses to believe he could so easily shut off his feelings for her and throw it all away. Adam reiterates that she was a liability and urges her to focus on proving herself at Newman rather than chasing after a man who doesn’t love her. “It’s over Sally, just accept it and stop wasting time… yours and mine.” As Sally wipes away a tear, Chelsea appears behind Adam. “Everything alright?” Adam declares, “We’re done here,” and walks away.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Noah sits Nick down and tells him he thinks he’s finally found the direction for his career. Nick guesses he wants out of New Hope. Noah loves the work the organization does, but his heart’s not in running it full-time. Nick asks, “Where is your heart?” Noah thinks when he hears, he’ll be surprised. He reveals he wants to turn the Top of the Tower into an art-inspired nightclub. Nick says that’s the last thing he expected to hear. Noah enthusiastically explains how all of his past jobs and experiences have prepared him for this. Nick asks if he’s run this by his grandfather. Noah still has to do up a business plan to convince Victor that a nightclub would be more profitable. He knows his dad must be disappointed at New Hope… he hates that he’s letting him down. Nick asks, “Are you serious?” He could never let him down; he loves seeing him excited about something! Noah grins. “It feels good.” Nick urges him to make his dream a reality and gives him a big hug.
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At Victoria’s house, Billy asks if she’s okay. She insists she’s fine. Billy notes that the old place cracks and pops when the wind blows and recalls how scared the kids used to get. They marvel over the children growing and wish they could stop time. Victoria is looking forward to them coming home, but Billy’s a little concerned about Ashland being in town. He doesn’t like her being home alone either. Victoria insists that Locke will go after the Abbotts — they’re the ones who had him arrested. “You don’t have to worry about me.” She assures him she can take the kids while he’s in California with Lily and shoos him out.
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Once alone, Victoria locks the door and closes the curtains. She sits down to work and eventually hears a tapping noise from the other room. She tries to ignore it but the tapping comes again. She walks into the room, opens the curtains on the French doors, and nearly jumps out of her skin — Ashland is standing there glowering at her!

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At Society, Chloe asks Sally what just happened with her and Adam. Sally explains they’re no longer together and asks her not to say how happy and relieved she is. They instead toast to opportunity knocking and kicking ass and taking names together. Chloe asks if Adam expected her to walk away from the CEO gig — is that what came between them? Sally doesn’t want to discuss it. Chloe urges Sally to focus on work because Adam has a bad habit of keeping women in his orbit and making them feel they’re the only one who understands him. She rants about Adam being toxic and warns Sally not to let him cost her everything. “You have bigger fish to fry.” Just then, Chelsea walks up and, with a glint in her eye, tells Sally, “I can’t believe how Adam treated you just now. I feel terrible for you.”
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Sally curtly appreciates Chelsea’s concern, but they’re in a meeting. Chelsea’s taken aback to learn they’re working together. She can’t understand how Lauren is on board with this. Sally explains she’s confused — she’s still the CEO of Newman Media and is bringing on Chloe as her COO. Chelsea thought Adam would head up the division. Sally says Adam is moving on. Chelsea notes, “Including you, apparently,” and snidely adds, “Wow… that lasted about as long as I expected it too.”

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Noah feels relieved, and Nick points out he’s had a lot of career changes; it would be hypocritical of him to judge his son. “You will always have my support no matter what.” Noah has to go change for his date with Allie, and Nick asks him to keep him posted on his progress with the nightclub. Noah says hello to Billy on his way out. Billy then stops Nick and tells him that Victoria is on edge and covering it up. He reminds Nick that Ashland is back in town and they both know what he’s capable of. Nick tells him not to worry about Victoria and Billy counters that he’s already sounding like his old man again. He knows Victoria and she’s nervous with that snake around. He has to be desperate if he violated a restraining order. Nick figures Locke will be upset with Kyle, but Billy argues the point. Nick promises Billy he won’t let Ashland harm Victoria. Billy tells him, “Go check on your sister. Make sure she’s okay.”
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At Victoria’s house, she opens the French doors amid the howling wind and asks Ashland what he’s doing out there. He explains he wasn’t sure about making his presence known but wanted to see her one last time. “I didn’t mean to scare you,” he continues. “After everything we’ve shared, I just… I don’t know how to say goodbye…” Victoria will hear Ashland out, but only if he agrees to leave her alone after this. She lets him into the house. Ashland watches her and observes that it’s hard to see her like this — so wary — but it’s hard to stay away too. “Don’t you feel the same way? Isn’t there some part of you, after everything we’ve shared… the happiest days of my life — yours too — you told me so. Do you really look at me right now and feel it’s all over between us?” Just then, Victoria’s phone rings.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick listens as Victoria’s phone rings unanswered.

At Victoria’s house, she tells Ashland it’s all over and it’s past time for him to accept that. Ashland fumes that her father turned her against him. Victoria flings, “This is me talking; telling you there is nothing left between us. After New York I thought you’d be certain about that, but you don’t like to lose.” Ashland shouts, “Don’t do that,” as he takes a step toward her. “I will not be dismissed!”

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At the rooftop bar, Allie asks Noah how the conversation went with his dad. Noah beams, “It was great.” He was excited to see him fired-up about something again. “You were right.” She makes him repeat that she was right, and then tells him it’s time to celebrate. Once they have drinks, Allie tells Noah he was right too — this place is pretty chill at night. Noah asks her to dance. She thought he’d never ask. The music turns slow and they move in close. Noah has a confession to make. “I can’t stop thinking about our kiss.” Allie has a confession too. She kisses him deeply.
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At Society, Sally calls Chelsea out for dumping Chloe for her own bizarre reasons, but Chelsea protests that their partnership wasn’t working out for her either. Chloe understands why Chelsea needed to do that for herself. Sally questions why Chelsea can’t be happy for her friend that she landed in a good place. Chelsea rants about Chloe choosing to work with Sally and complains about her hiring her at the fashion line without even consulting her. Chloe gawps, “You weren’t even working at the company!” Chelsea fumes that Sally used to be Chloe’s subordinate and now she’s her boss. “Do you see how manipulative she is?!” Sally’s really sorry that Chelsea’s life is so empty and miserable that she has nothing better to do than spew her poison — why doesn’t she go somewhere else! Billy walks in past Chelsea, who hisses that her life is going great right now — she’s also embarking on an exciting new partnership. She cattily wishes Sally good luck with the job Adam gave her while she was sleeping with him. “At least he left you with something,” she remarks as she follows Billy into the restaurant.
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At Victoria’s house, Ashland observes that her trust in him has been shaken to the core. She informs him it’s gone. Locke guesses she thinks he’s still the ruthless man he used to me and admits he never cared about anything he did in his past. He never felt remorse about anything he did. Victoria throws up her hands, “Finally you admit that your contrition was all an act!” Ashland, verging on the hysterical, explodes, “It was! At first, but then you changed me, Victoria. God, I’ve said this to you a hundred time! Your love, our marriage… it made me want to be a better person! And then you just took all of that away from me, and now I really am that lost man that you and your father have accused me of being all along. You were my whole heart and my soul… now they’ve both been ripped away from me.” Victoria won’t take the blame — he’s brought this all on himself. Ashland hollers, “I feel pain because of you! Because you made me feel again! Don’t you understand that?!? I believed you when you told me you would always love me no matter what!” Victoria feels he wanted to believe that, that she would forgive all of his monumental lies. Ashland marvels that she just can’t accept that something important has changed inside of him. Maybe she sees the change but doesn’t care. Victoria declares it’s over — there’s absolutely nothing left for him to fight for. Locke intones, “And nothing left to lose.” Victoria looks concerned.
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At Society, Sally muses to Chloe that Chelsea is an utter witch and wonders what is going on with her and Billy. Chloe explains they’re working on a podcast together. If it’s what she needs to do to finish healing, she wishes her the best. Sally thinks she’s generous considering how she’s treated her. Chloe feels they should turn their attention to proving themselves to Victoria. Just then, Chelsea laughs loudly at the bar and teasingly calls Billy boss. He tells her he has to go out of town for a few days, maybe more, but has emailed her his ideas. Chelsea laughs as she sips her cocktail and vows to have plenty of feedback for him when he returns. Across the room, Sally wonders what Lily thinks of this partnership. Chloe wouldn’t know; it’s none of her business. They agree Chloe will start first thing in the morning and then Sally goes back to watching Chelsea speculatively.
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At Victoria’s house, she wants Ashland to leave. She tries to walk to the door, but he blocks her way. He thinks she wants him gone because she can’t face up to what she did; to the sacrifices she made when she gave up on them. Victoria warns he can’t manipulate her anymore — she stopped giving a damn about him the day she realized who he really is. Ashland hollers, “And who am I, Victoria?! Who am I to you?! Worthless, pathetic, something you can just toss aside like so much trash? No. There’s only one way you’re going to be done with me, I see that now. Only one way to end this…”
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Outside, Nick arrives at Victoria’s door and knocks. “Vick, you in there?”

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