Younger & Stressed Recap: Victoria and Ashland Plot Towards Billy, Adam and Victor

Sally strolls into Adam’s office at Newman to ask him about the latest video of Billy. He says she’s the best for capturing it for him. She wonders what he’s planning to do with the information she has provided. He hasn’t made any decisions but insists that he is taking no pleasure in watching the man relapse, even if he’s a “trust fund baby” like Billy. He’s probably headed for more reckless behavior. She’s on the fence about exposing the Abbott. Adam isn’t keen to launch a pre-emptive strike at the moment.

The topic turns to upcoming business ventures, the new year and their plans to ring it in. Since they are both at loose ends, Sally suggests they do it together. “As friends,” she adds, before leaving with a smirk on her face.

Victoria is at Billy and Lily’s. He hopes that getting the better of Adam is payment enough for her silence about him faking his fall into drunkenness and gambling. However, Victoria wants more. She wants them to go ahead with their lawsuit and demand a crushing amount of money. The damage to Newman Media’s reputation would be great. Yet, she doesn’t want to vindicate Billy because it would mean legitimizing the claims he’s made against Ashland. Billy says that if she gets Newman Media back, he wants to run it. That makes her laugh. She points out he flopped with Chance Comm. He makes excuses for himself and repeats that the whole point of this plot is him salvaging his reputation. Billy insists she owes him that.

Victoria makes demands on Billy and Lily at home Y&R

Victoria is only willing to go along with this if he pursues the lawsuit all the way. Billy thinks she’s giving herself a lot of wiggle room to control Newman Media and Chance Comm. He accuses her of enjoying watching her father flex about what a loser he is. Ratcheting up his demands, Billy claims that he deserves to run the company. Victoria offers to take this into consideration and exits.

Billy makes counter offer to Victoria at home Y&R

When they are left alone, Lily tells Billy that his plan has suddenly taken on a whole new form now that he’s at the mercy of Victoria. There is no way she’s going to give him control of a company after what he did at her wedding. He thinks they are in a position for a win and he’s just rolling with the punches. Billy is sure his ex respects his business acumen. Lily is sure she is just using him and she cannot be trusted. Everyone in her life is just a pawn to her. He doesn’t want to discuss this now.

Chelsea bumps into Rey at the bar in Society. They chat about Christmas. It was wonderful for her to be with Connor again. She thanks the cop for the gift he sent her son. As leery as she is about Victor’s influence over her son, she’s happy that he idolizes Rey so much. They talk about his love of hockey until Rey turns the topic to her. She explains that she’s finding her way and still doesn’t feel settled. Living in a penthouse full of memories isn’t helping either. It’s worth it all for Connor’s sake. Rey hopes she’s in a position to realize how much better off she is without Adam. When the topic turns to fatherhood, Rey says the time has passed for him, but he enjoys being a stepdad. His food order is ready so he wishes her Happy New Year and leaves.

Rey and Chelsea catch up at Society Y&R

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Tessa and Mariah are at Crimson Lights asking Sharon when they can move in upstairs. She wants to clean the carpets for them first. They say it’s the perfect space and location. Sharon is taken back when Mariah informs her they are eager to refer to her as “grandmother.” Sitting down, the couple tells her that they are planning to get the adoption process underway. Sharon is glad to hear they have given this careful thought. Mariah explains they have had a lot of long conversations about this. Tessa never thought this would be possible for her until now. This is all an expression of their love and commitment to each other. Sharon nods and tells them how wise they are.

Mariah and Tessa tell Sharon baby plans at Crimson Lights Y&R

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Noah shows up and informs them that he has the final version of Tessa’s album cover and it’s brilliant. He and Tessa head across the room. Mariah asks Sharon if she’s worried. Sharon warns that the adoption process can be pretty daunting. Mariah’s motto has always been “bring it on” and she’s relieved to have a partner as scrappy as she is to help her through it.

At a table, Tessa admires Noah’s artwork. He admires her passion and fearlessness. “One of the many reasons I adore you…uh, as a fanboy,” he says. Mariah interrupts, eager to see the final results. She’s not eager to inflate his ego but tells him how great his work is. After he talks about his artistic process, Mariah tells him again that it’s fantastic. He takes off and Tessa asks her girlfriend if Sharon is less than excited about their plans for adoption. Mariah explains she’s just concerned for them. Tessa is confident she can make a family.

Mariah, Tessa, Noah discuss artwork at Crimson Lights Y&R

Rey shows up and Sharon tells him there is a lot going on with the kids today. He offers to distract her and take her home.

Rey picks up Sharon at Crimson Lights Y&R

Chloe sits with Sally in a booth and talks about all her plans with Chelsea. Eventually, she notices that Sally’s mind is elsewhere. She guesses it’s because she doesn’t have a date for New Year’s Eve, so she suggests she hang out with her and Kevin. Sally turns her down. She actually has plans. Chloe wants details. Sally assures her the evening she has planned would bore her to tears.

Sally and Chloe talk date at Crimson Lights Y&R

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Ashland is with Victoria in her office. She fills him in on what Billy is doing. He thinks there’s a “warped elegance” to Billy’s plot. She’s not sure she wants to let her father and brother slip into his scheme. Victoria explains that she will make Newman Media ripe for a takeover. “By Newman-Locke,” he assumes, although he wonders if it’s wise to go against her father. She’s sure Victor will admire her after he gets over the shock. Ashland doesn’t know why Billy would help them do this. She promises that Billy won’t be a problem. He loves the way her mind works.

Ashland and Victoria plot in Newman office Y&R

Ashland and Victoria visit their parents at the ranch. They tell them that his latest results are better than they expected. The couple is eager to get back to work putting the power back into powercouple. Adam Saunters in to declare he has plans for Newman Media. His father suggests he table that and heads to the kitchen with his wife. Victoria informs her brother of Ashland’s positive medical news. Their elation has been undermined by the sight of Billy imploding. She hopes that her brother isn’t planning to exploit it. Adam says there is nothing to exploit. It’s all so tiresome.

Adam chats with Victoria and Ashland about Billy at ranch Y&R

Victoria calls Billy and tells him he needs to up his game because Adam finds his routine boring.

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