Younger & Stressed: Rey Dies in a Automotive Crash, and Ashland Saves Victoria’s Life

At Society, Nikki pleads with Victoria to answer her and then tells Victor that the call dropped. “Oh my God!” Victor urges, “Call her back right now.”

On the side of the road, Victoria lay unconscious as her phone rings. Her car has hit a tree.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick that Rey is going to Chicago with Chelsea and Connor. She explains the circumstances that led to them all going together. Nick hopes she doesn’t feel jealous or threatened — going to a hockey game to a kid is the opposite of romantic. Sharon trusts Rey, but Chelsea, not so much. She’s noticed a change in her but they’re spending the night. It’s hard not to instinctively jump to conclusions when it comes to her.

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In his suite at the Grand Phoenix, Adam flashes to hook up with Sally there in the past and smiles. He calls her to tell her he’s at the suite and to thank her for the champagne. He urges her to take her time since the fog looks to be getting worse — he’ll be waiting.
Adam call Sally Y&R

On the roadside, Victoria is still unconscious in her car. In another vehicle, Ashland regains consciousness — he’d been knocked out by his air bag. Hey gasps, “Victoria!” and tries to get out of the car as he sees her smashed vehicle.

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On the coffee house patio, Connor worries about missing the puck drop, so Chelsea calls Rey and leaves a message on his voicemail to see if he’s headed back yet.
Connor concerned Y&R

At Society, Nikki leaves Victoria a voicemail to call back and then frets to Victor. He pulls out his phone and calls someone to find his daughter as quickly as possible.

On the side of the road, Ashland throws his weight against his car door but can’t get it to open. He hollers out his window, “Victoria, are you okay?!” But she doesn’t respond. Locke remembers his phone, searches for it and locates it and then hollers again that he’s calling for help. “Hang in there!” Unfortunately, his phone is smashed and won’t work. Hearing a roar, Ashland looks up to see the front end of Victoria’s car burst into flames. Hey gasps, “My God, no!”
Ashland flames car Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Nick reiterates that he doesn’t think Sharon has anything to worry about with Rey and Chelsea. Just then, he gets a call from Victor, who asks if he’s spoken to Victoria. Nick learns she may have been in an accident and says he’ll go looking for her. Victor urges him to be careful — the fog is horrible. Nick tells Sharon what’s going on and leaves. Chelsea comes in and asks if everything is okay. Sharon hopes it’s a false alarm. Chelsea asks if Sharon has heard from Rey — he should be back by now and isn’t answering her calls.
Sharon worried Y&R

In the suite at the hotel, Adam takes a call from Victor about Victoria and offers to do anything needed to help. He reminds his father that Victoria’s strong. Sally comes in as he disconnects and asks what’s wrong. He tells her Victoria may have been in a car accident, but they shouldn’t jump to the worst case. Sally understands he’s no longer in a celebratory mood and wonders if there’s anything they can do to help the family. Adam doesn’t know.

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On the roadside, Ashland battles his way out of his vehicle and limps toward Victoria’s burning car. He burns his hand trying to open her car door and pulls off his jacket to beat down the flames before trying again. He gets the door open, takes her pulse, thanks God that she’s still alive, and pulls her out. Slinging her over his shoulder, he declares, “I’m not going to let you die!”
Ashland save Victoria Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sharon gets Rey’s voicemail and tells him they’re starting to get a little worried — Chelsea and Connor were expecting him back right now. She disconnects and tells Chelsea that he’s probably going very slow in the fog. Chelsea notices Sharon looking very worried and asks, “What is it? Don’t you believe that?”

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Near the car wreck, Ashland carries Victoria into a cabin and rants that she’ll survive a little smoke inhalation, which is nothing compared to what he did to her. He grimaces over his burnt hand and then pleads with Victoria to wake up. She does, coughs, and then screams, “Get away from me!”

At the hotel, Adam wishes someone would call and let him know what’s going on. He’s not convinced that he will be updated. Sally reminds him Victor just called him. Adam complains he’s only a priority when his father thinks he can be useful. Sally clucks that Victor’s constantly ushering her out of the office to talk about Newman family stuff with him. Adam just wants to hear a good word letting him know Victoria’s fine. Sally realizes he’s really concerned about her. Adam gawps, “Of course I am!” He wonders if Sally thinks he’d be glad she was in harm’s way because of the company. “Is that what you think of me?”
Sally, Adam worried Y&R

In the cabin, Victoria complains that Ashland is supposed to be gone. He explains to her that she was in a car crash and says he’s going to try and find her phone or get help. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He heads out, limping, while inside the cabin, Victoria grimaces while trying to move.

At Society, Nick and Victor dissuade Nikki from going out to look for Victoria herself; it’s not safe. Victor blames himself for this and they all wonder where Ashland is right now. Nick worries what if someone hurts her intentionally. Victor gets a call and learns his team hasn’t found her and lost Ashland Locke. He barks, “What the hell is the matter with you?! find him!”
Victor, Nick call Y&R

In the cabin, Victoria struggles to get to her feet but can’t put weight on her leg. She calls for help and Ashland comes back. She thinks she hurts her knee. Ashland couldn’t find her phone and says her car was engulfed in flames. Victoria notices his state and asks, “Ashland, what is it? What aren’t you telling me?”

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Chelsea that Nick told her that Victoria may have been in an accident. Perhaps that’s where Rey is.

In the cabin, Ashland tells Victoria he’s just shaking up. Victoria asks if he ran her off the road. He didn’t do that, but confesses that when she left the office, he followed her. That’s why he was there when his car crashed. He was worried about her. The thought of anything happening to her terrified him. Ashland gets that she despises him, but he loves her and cares about her.
Victoria cabin Y&R

At the hotel, Sally is hurt that Adam would think poorly of him. She doesn’t automatically assume the worst about him — they’ve established that. “Do you know how deeply you just hurt me?” Adam does. He admits he’s been questioning if he’s genuinely concerned about Victoria, or if something were to happen to his sister would be he glad for the leg up at Newman-Locke?

In the cabin, Ashland argues with Victoria to stay still until they can get her help. He asks her what happened. She remembers that there was another car — there were lights coming toward her. They weren’t Ashland’s because he was behind her. “There was another car involved!” she exclaims.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asks Chance if he heard anything about an accident involving Victoria. Hey hasn’t. Sharon tells him that Nick’s family is worried. Chance calls in to check if there have been any accident reports since he left.
Sharon, Chance talk Rey Y&R

In the cabin, Victoria recalls that suddenly there were bright lights right in front of her — there was another car. Ashland assures that this wasn’t her fault. Victoria recalls that she was on the phone with her mother — on speakerphone — she had to swerve to avoid the car that came into her lane. Ashland remembers he also had to swerve to avoid it and then saw her go into a tree. Victoria notices the burns on his hands and realizes, “You actually risked your life to save mine.”

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In the hotel, Adam hates that he’d even consider for a second the business ramifications if Victoria were seriously injured. Sally thinks the fact that he hates it is encouraging. Adam worried he saw the situation with Locke as an opportunity. Sally argues that he’s not cold and selfish. “I know it in my heart because… I wouldn’t be falling in love with someone like that.” Adam asks, “Are you saying you’re falling in love with me?”
Sally, Adam falling in love Y&R

At Society, Victor grouses about the incompetence of his team. He gets a call, turns emotional, and tells Nikki and Nick that there’s a report of an accident. Nikki gasps.

In the cabin, Ashland recalls that the last time this happened he turned and ran. He couldn’t do that again — he had to save Victoria. She wonders what happened to the other car. Was it a hit and run or might they be injured? “Did you see who was in the car? Are they still out there?” Ashland stops her as she tries to get up. She orders him to stop trying to protect her from lying and just answer the question. She needs to know what happened. “Is the other driver okay?”
Ashland truth Y&R

In Crimson Lights, Connor wonders what happened to Rey and worries about missing the game. Chelsea thinks he must have got caught up in some last minute police work. She’s sure that even if they miss the game, he’ll make it up to Connor. That’s just the kind of man Rey is.

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In the cabin, Ashland tells Victoria that when he went to look for her phone, he checked the other car, which had gone into the ditch. It was damaged much worse than either of theirs. She asks, “And the driver?” Ashland sighs, “There was nothing I could do. The other driver didn’t make it.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance relays to Sharon that there’s been some fender benders reported due to the fog but nothing worse. Sharon’s relieved to hear it. “Now if only Rey would show up.” Chance thought he went to the hockey game a long time ago. Sharon explains that he had to go back to get the tickets — Chelsea and Connor are still waiting on him. Chance is puzzled. He spoke to Rey when he left the ranch with the tickets — he should have been back there a long time ago.
Chance puzzled Y&R

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In the cabin, Ashland hates to be the one to tell Victoria this, but the fatality was someone she knows. “Rey Rosales.” Victoria reels. “Oh my God. O my God.”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki are stunned by Ashland’s actions, Nick delivers shocking news.

As we say goodbye, look back on Rey Rosales’ life in Genoa City in the photo gallery below.

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