Younger & Stressed: Victoria Activates Ashland After He Indicators Every little thing Away

At Newman Media, Adam tells Victor that Locke has agreed to surrender control of the company. Victor muses, “I’ll be damned.” He asks, “What about Victoria.” Adam says he also agreed to the annulment — it’s the best possible outcome. Victor still doesn’t like the impulsive way he handled this. Adam insists he did it to prove his loyalty to the family, but Victor thinks he did it to prove he’s smarter and more capable than his sister.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria and Ashland end their embrace. He asks her to confirm that she’s on board with walking away from everything she has here in Genoa City to build something new with him far away. She says, “The further away the better as far as I’m concerned.” Ashland questions, “What about your children?” It’s because he loves her so much that he’s asking. He doesn’t want her to have any regrets and warns she has to think about Billy, who will hate the fact she’s running away with him… he’ll likely try to keep her away from her kids. Victoria thinks she can reason with Billy, who won’t keep Johnny and Katie away from their mother. Ashland argues her ex can be vindictive. Victoria thinks he’s changed, and if nothing else will appreciate her walking away from her father and Adam. Ashland asks if she’s really willing to take that risk?

At the Abbott mansion, Jack disconnects from Kyle and tells Traci that he and Harrison will be flying in next week. Traci muses, “The clock is ticking.” Jack nods. He gets to sit with his son and blindside him with the news that his mother is alive. Traci wonders how you prepare a kid for that, and wonders why Diane has revealed herself now after all this time. Jack assures Diane has a plan and he will make it his mission to find out.

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In her hotel suite, Diane stops unpacking when a knock comes at her door. Outside, Phyllis threatens to use her master key. Diane opens the door and says, “What a surprise!” Phyllis tells her to stop — did she really think she wouldn’t clock her alias when she checked into her hotel? Diane asks, “Your hotel?” Phyllis knows she’s aware the Grand Phoenix is ​​hers — that’s why she made a beeline for it. Diane concedes that she did know. Phyllis calls her out for following her and Jack there from LA and warns of the hell that will rain down on her if anyone realizes she’s there. Diane had to come and prepare for when Jack tells Kyle she’s alive. Phyllis scoffs, “Prepare for what? Honestly, how do you see this playing out?”
Phyllis playing out Y&R

Diane has played it over in her mind — reuniting with her son. Phyllis points out she doesn’t know that will happen and shares that Jack thinks Kyle may want nothing to do with her. Phyllis wants Diane to go check into the Athletic Club. Diane asks if she’s throwing her out. Phyllis counters if she does that, Diane gets to play the victim. She won’t let her do that this time, so she’ll take her money and ignore her. The redhead warns if she causes any trouble she will toss her out on her butt. Diane assures her she’ll behave and claims she’s changed. Phyllis sighs. “You haven’t changed.” She warns again that if people find out she’s alive and had the audacity to come back there, things will get ugly in a real hurry.
Phyllis, Diane behave Y&R

At Newman Media, Victor reminds Adam that he said several times that this was Victoria’s fault. Adam thinks he’s a better leader, but the offer he made to Ashland wasn’t about proving it to him or anyone else. He solved the problem that threatened everything his father built in his entire life. He thinks it’s a win for everyone. Victor recalls teaching Adam how to play soccer when he was a little boy. “Look at you now. You do impress me. But you cost me a lot of money.” Adam hopes nothing will screw this up before Ashland signs. Victor repeats, “I’m proud of you.”
Victor proud Adam Y&R

At Newman-Locke, Victoria works to convince Ashland that she can handle Billy, who wants to see her with some peace in her life. He sees how much she loves Ashland. “I love you so much, even after everything that’s happened and he’s not going to be able to fight that.” Ashland exhales, “So this really is a yes.” Victoria kisses him deeply. Ashland asks where she wants to go. She grins, “Tuscany. I mean, we own the palazzo!” Ashland agrees, “Tuscany it is.” He has to go sign the agreement, but when he gets back, they will start their new life together. Ashland kisses her and leaves.

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At the hotel, Diane thanks Phyllis for reminding her how hated she is. Phyllis knows she doesn’t care what people think about her. She asks how she survived all these years. “How’d you pay your bills?” Diane relays that once she was confident her escape plan had worked…

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Traci he’s been doing some research on ‘Taylor Jensen’s’ life and learned Diane tried to resume her career…

Diane tells Phyllis, “As an architect.” Pretty soon she got realized she couldn’t draw on her past connections so she started working in a real estate office and eventually got her real estate license…

Jack tells Traci that Taylor Jensen had a moderately successful real estate career. Traci muses it was probably prudent to keep a low profile. Jack’s worried she’ll try to get Kyle to support her. Traci says either way, it will be up to Kyle.
Jack talk Traci Y&R

Phyllis figures when Keemo’s house went on the market after he died, Diane made a beeline for it knowing the owner was Jack’s granddaughter, Allie. She took advantage of the girl, playing on her grief and confusion. Diane asks her to stop twisting things around. Phyllis doesn’t believe a word she says, and nothing will ever change that…

Jack relays to Traci that he’s hoping to convince Allie to come out while Kyle and Harrison are there to meet her whole family. Traci cautions, “Jack are you sure that’s a good idea?” Jack can’t understand why she’s opposed to the idea. Traci supported it before she knew about Diane. If the goal is to ease Allie into meeting her family for the first time it’s not great to bring her into such a volatile mix. Jack says, “You’re right.” Phyllis arrives and horrifies Jack by revealing that Diane is in Genoa City staying at her hotel.
Jack, Traci talk Y&R

Ashland arrives at Newman Media, where Adam hands over the tablet with the agreement on it. Ashland recaps that the goal is to erase him from Newman-Locke and Victoria’s life. He knows they must be salivating right now; scarcely able to believe he’s making it so easy for them. Victor verifies that he is ready to transfer the funds when he signs. Ashland initials all three pages and Victor transfers the funds. He intones that Ashland is out of their lives. Ashland warns him not to presume he’s speaking for all of his family members. “Your daughter…” Victor booms, “Spare me.”
Adam, Ashland sign agreement Y&R

At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells her mother that Ashland’s condition for signing the agreement was that she must run away with him. Nikki’s appalled. Victoria asks what else she was to do? Nikki hopes it was just a ploy on her behalf. Victoria muses that Ashland is signing away everything he’s built in his life. Nikki reminds her daughter she doesn’t owe Locke anything and points out she doesn’t have to stay with him; it was only words. “Unless… please don’t tell me you want to stay with him.”
Nikki questions Victoria Y&R

At the Abbott house, Jack rants about Diane showing up and planning to pounce on Kyle. Phyllis relays she’s sticking to her story. She tried baiting her to see if she’d lash out at her, but she didn’t go there. “She puts on one of the best sincere acts I’ve seen.” Jack updates her that Kyle and Harrison are coming in soon and wonders how to keep Diane away until he can talk to him. Phyllis will do that. Jack appreciates their help and support. She’s happy to do it and is also protecting her daughter. “Make no mistake, this is personal for me.”
Jack dread Phyllis Y&R

At the hotel, Diane reads about Victor installing Adam as temporary CEO and that Adam and his COO, Sally Spectra, may be a power couple in the making. She reads about a worthy cause Nikki’s involved in — she’s a powerful voice in the community and a force to be reckoned with.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria admits to Nikki that she’s very conflicted. She hates what Ashland has done to her and the family, while at the same time she’s grieving the loss of the man she believed was her soulmate. She was able to pull off the ruse because the feelings are still there for her to draw from. Even though she’s been putting the screws to him she hasn’t reconciled it in her heart and mind. Ashland’s love for her seemed so powerful and real — could it really have been fake all this time? Nikki seethes, “Yes, because he’s a sociopath.” She tells Victoria not to feel ashamed. Victoria cries. She doesn’t know what to do with all this love in her heart; where does it go. Nikki assures the family is there for her and pulls her into an embrace.

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At Newman Media, Victor confronts Ashland for taking advantage of the family and his daughter by claiming he was terminally ill. It’s sick. Ashland still admires the hell out of Victor, who is a shining example for all of them. He insists his love for Victoria has not changed. “No matter what you should be proud of her.” Victor tells Adam, “Get him the hell out of here.” Adam shows him to the door and closes it.

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In her suite, Diane wonders if coming there was a mistake or if she can really pull it off. Why didn’t she think this through before leaving LA A knock comes at her door — it’s Jack asking what the hell she is doing there.

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At Newman Media, Victor sends a text as Adam declares it’s over.

At Newman-Locke, Victoria reads Victor’s text telling her that Ashland signed it all away — she’s free. Just then, Ashland comes in full of enthusiasm for starting their new life together. Victoria whips around and fumes, “Did you really think that I would run away with you after everything you put me through? Did you really believe this wasn’t the absolute end for us?!?”
Ashland shell-shocked Y&R

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